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Embracing sustainability in your Christmas decorations doesn’t mean that your display needs to look tacky. Use these simple ideas to help achieve a stylish outcome which also saves money and conserves our natural resources.

Use energy efficient LED lighting or solar powered lights and consider having lights on a timer rather than leaving them on constantly. LED Christmas decorations use about 80-90% less electricity than standard light decorations and also last more than 15 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. It’s also possible to use solar and green energy sources to provide power.

Support locally owned businesses by purchasing Australian made products, rather than items that have been imported from overseas.

Remember less is more! Often the simplest of ideas can prove to be the most effective. Do you really need 100 metres of tinsel?

Use natural and renewable materials such as wood, organic cotton, silk and hemp, rather than plastic decorations.

Consider creating something new from something old, for example by repurposing things you already have but no longer need into a Christmas decoration or scene.